We aim to work in partnership with our clients, to understand their business and the demands this can place on their workforce. We take time to listen to our clients and develop a close working relationship.

This commences with the initial conversation, through subsequent briefings and long after the successful closure of the candidate.

We operate extremely proactively and are constantly researching and head hunting new candidates. We do not rely on the active candidate market, but are able to offer the passive and often higher calibre candidate. We strive to match a candidate to your unique specifications.


Executive Search – This is a focussed and totally proactive method of recruitment. The following is a simple overview of how a Search would work.

Client briefing on vacancy
Candidate Research
Long list presented to client
Short list drawn up in conjunction with client
Headhunting of target candidates
Client interviews take place
Offer of employment

Each stage involves dynamic feedback between all parties concerned to smooth the journey to closure.

We would recommend this service either for salaries above £70k or where there is a multi-vacancy requirement.

Database Search – William Fox has an extensive and unrivalled database and therefore the suitable candidate could be identified here. This can produce very time efficient recruitment solutions. We would only recommend this approach for generic positions and typically sub £65k salaries.

Advertising – This could be used as part of a brand building exercise. William Fox would in consultation with the client identify the best medium to attract talent, negotiate attractive advertising rates and handle the advertisement response. This could be utilised as stand alone solution or in conjunction with Executive or Database Search.